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Rhodes Car Rentals Policy

Everything you have to know before reserving a car. Read these useful terms in order to be prepared.

Car Rental Insurance


According to the car rental service provider’s policy you may be offered the following :

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW zero excess). The renter is insured for the rental vehicle damaged by accident(except damages caused by accident to the underside of the vehicle, glass & tires) with no obligation to pay any excess.
  • Full Collision Damage Waiver (FCDW zero excess). The renter is insured for damages caused by accident to the underside of the vehicle, glass, tires and engine with no obligation to pay any excess. It may also be referred as Super Collision damage waiver (SCDW) or Full collision damage waiver (FCDW) or Wheels under side and glass insurance (WUG).
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). Passengers of the rental vehicle are insured for death or bodily injuries in case of accident to a maximum of €1.000.000. Driver is insured to the amount of €15.000.
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Theft Protection(TP). The renter is insured in case the vehicle is stolen. Any stolen belongings in the interior of the car (eg. cameras, travel bags or cell-phones) are not covered by any insurance.
  • Road assistance 24/7.Our road assistance is free of charge and available 24/7 all over the island.
  • VAT and Local Taxes.


A police report is required for all types of insurance.Without police record full amount of damage and/or less will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased.Insurance coverage is conditional on damages not having resulted from a violation of any traffic regulations(e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances,driving on non asphalt-paved roads.

– Insurance does not cover damages as to the vehicle’s interior,the loss or destruction of keys,any stolen belongings in the interior of the car e.g. cameras, tablets,cell-phones –

Only designated driver(s) indicated in the rental agreement will be permitted to drive the car.Any other person without lessor’s prior permission is not allowed.

The driver must be a minimum 23 old  and a valid EU or International driving license held at least 1 year is required.

The car is not allowed to be operated:
a) for paid transportation
b) to propel or tow any vehicle or transport
c) in any race,speed test or contest
d) by any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
e) to carry passengers in excess of the respective seating capacity
f) in other than a paved road or public highway
g) by any person without lessor’s prior permission
h) by any less than 23 years of age unqualified driver
i) outside of the territory of Rhodes Island(unless the renter specifies differently).

Reservations are always confirmed for a given Car Group -not for a specific car model- The car on your voucher represents the vehicle for the class (Group) you have booked. We cannot guarantee a specific make or model. Any specific cars menthioned are simply typical examples of the size, specifications and performance applying to that car group.

Minimum rental period is 5 days. For an over 1 hour excess of the rental period indicated on the rental agreement document,the renter will be charged with additional daily rate.

If lessee wishes to prolong the rental period, he has to notify the lessor at least 24 hours before of the end of the rental period indicated on the rental agreement to recieve the respective approval.

Your rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times detailed on your voucher. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for unused time if a car is picked up late or dropped off early. If you are unable to pick up the car at the agreed time and date, it is essential you contact us as soon as possible. If you do not, there is no guarantee that the car will still be available and you will not be entitled to any refund.

The lessee is obliged to return the car with the same fuel level  as checked and marked on the rental agreement at the time of renting,otherwise any difference will be charged.

Cancellation to a booking made on this booking engine must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the rental start date. In the event of a cancellation notice which is received by RhodesCarRentals less than 48 hours before the rental of the vehicle is due to commence,  no funds paid will be reimbursed.

We provide 24/7  road assistance service for all inherent mechanical faults related to the vehicle specified in the rental agreement document.For all other roadside assistance call outs including refueling,keys loss and keys locked in the vehicle a service fee will will be charged.


In the event of a dispute between RhodesCarRentals and you, our liability to you, if any, is limited to the amount of service fee you paid when booking the vehicle.

The lessee must provide a valid driver license and a passport or ID card to the renter, which allows him to drive the rented car. The lessee must pay full price for the rent upon pick up the car.
The lessee must leave a deposit for the car which varies from 0 to 400 EUR depending on the class of car. That may be used to cover any damages made to the car, that may occur during the period of car rent. When returning the car the lessee must also pay for the consumed fuel in the fuel tank and return the car with the same fuel level  as checked and marked on the rental agreement .The lessee undertakes full responsibility if a non insurable event occurs during the period of rent. The lessee takes the responsibility for all the consequences that may occur if transferring the car to a third person. If the lessee violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties.
In case of car theft the lessee must compensate the damage if don’t return the car keys and registration documents to the renter.

RhodesCarRentals company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

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